Internet and text based acronym that can mean one of two things, depending upon the context in which it is used:

1. "Go to hell"
2. "Good to hear"
1. "Maths teacher said I was late with h/w - I told him to gth"
2. - "I'm doing really well thanks"

- "gth"
by myrightnut April 29, 2011
Stand for "Get Thee Hence." Another way to say "Go away" but all Shakespearean.
Person 1: GTH, thou artless flea!
Person 2: Whaaa....?
by rokkandi December 26, 2011
"Gun to head"

usable at times such as listening to Marquis debate, waiting in traffic, or listening to televangelists.
example #1: "Dude! I have so much homework and things going on! GTH"

example #2: Facebook-"Justin Beiber is on my Coldplay pandora playlist. GTH"
by cookies_n_cream February 17, 2011
Gets The Herpes.
Taryn: "Adam totally like hooked up with Joy and Melanie at the same on new years!"
Some other slut: "I know he definitely GTH, I can already see something forming it on his vagina"
by gsquadgrenade69696 January 03, 2011
Gets The Herpes
Alexis: "Adam hooked up with that slut Natalie last night...."
Sydney "I know gross he GTHs"
by mysterious.1234567891011 January 01, 2011
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