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Being soooo happy.

So excited. As if you just came. Yes, that excited.

Happier than sex.
Samah: Look at all this amazing food!
Jonathan: Wow! OMFG!!! So much foood!!! I just came.

Sweeta: Look! Free porn!
Jonathan: Uh oh. I just came.
by asswhole_with_a_dubya February 14, 2010
Writing any type of reminder to make yourself a cheat-sheet on your hand.

Especially useful for exams, tests, quizzes, speeches, talking in front of republican committees, speaking on fox news, or any other reminder that you needed.
Jonathan: Dude I have a test tomorrow that I haven't studied for.
Sweeta: Dumbass. You don't needa study.... Just make yourself a Sarah Palin cheat-sheet!

Sammy Wammy got an A on her test after using her Sarah Palin cheat-sheet.
by asswhole_with_a_dubya February 09, 2010
Term used when putting your index finger and thumb together to form a circular-shaped hole and then asking your partner, friend, roommate, stranger, or family member (for those in Arkansas) to put their finger(s) through...

The gesture symbolizes unity between two people by 'connecting' them in a common sexual-innuendo.
Jonathan: *makes circular hole with hands* "put it through brah?"
Alec: *inserts finger between hole, moving in and out slowly* "Anytime bro, anytime"

Jonathan: *creates circular hole by touching his index finger to the tip of his thumb* "Wassup Aash? PUT IT THROUGH?"
Aash: *pulls hands away completely* "No, I won't do that, you're my brother for gods sake!"
by Asswhole_with_a_dubya November 17, 2010
A nicer way of saying a girl is on her menstrual cycle (aka period) while in public.

Also, synonym for period.
Jack: Why is Jill such a bitch today?.
John: Yeah man I heard she was on her comma.

Jack: Wanna have sex when we get home from wally world?
Jill: I can't. I am on my comma today.
Jack: Asswhole.
by Asswhole_with_a_dubya December 14, 2009
Another way of asking a person for their number. Based on the holla holla holla guy from dave chappelle's show.

Explanation of phrase: when one asks for another persons number they usually say it by "can i have your number?" or "I see that fine bootay of yo's, holla with them digits at meh why dontchya?" The reason we say "mathematics" is because a number is theoretically math, hence the term can i have yo mathematics?
Nala: Hey Simba... you look hawt!
Simba: say gurl, lemme holla holla holla atchya. can I have yo mathematics?

Aash: Dayummmnnnn look at calaia's bootayyyy!
Shivani: wa wa wee wah I WANT!
*both yell at calaia* say gurl! can i have yo mathematics?!?!??
by Asswhole_with_a_dubya January 31, 2011

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