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A girl who has a great heart. She loves to love ad be loved.She wants a guy who can be a rebal but still really sweet to her no matter what.She is nice,generous,and pretty.Tries her best to live life, even though she mite find it difficult
Awww! shes such a Samah
by brooky44100 October 15, 2008
194 63
Samah is a super sweet girl that you can't help but love. She is a total social butterfly and has many friends. She is very moody and sometimes shy but a really great kisser. She has a lot of lovers and boys can't get enough of her. One u meet her you'll love her. She is super popular and very romantic. She's really into the shy cute romantic boys. Loves to love an be loved and super fun and artistic.
Oh, she's so sweet, such a samah

Boy- went out with Samah
Boy- duuuuude, so lucky
by Hannahbanana23 December 17, 2012
32 2
a garden gnome
I want to get a Samah for my garden to add a little decorative flair.
by da truth 12348923u892138 June 01, 2012
4 17
An extremely perverted person, who usually experiences a sudden thrill at the mention of something related to sexual activity. Makes lewd comments, links everything to dirty jokes and grins like a lunatic.
"Eew, that old man is checking me out"

"Uh, he's such a Samah"
by onetwothreefouryeahyeahyeah February 05, 2010
30 79
a dirty person,a mutated person,,extremely manipulative,cheap,bad odor,yellow-black teeth,is regarded as an insult in the middle east.
man! you are such a samah!
your teeth are so samahy!
samah you!
by samay el emayd 62 January 30, 2010
32 99