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30 definitions by Asshole

1.]a butt
2.]a donkey
3.]a retarded person
1.]damn that girl has a fat ass. it jiggles all around.
2.]don't make me kick ur ass in the ass.
3.]You are such an ass for reading this right here.
by asshole August 24, 2003
i could be dyslexic
by asshole January 21, 2004
to have sex with a man with a small penis. it's more like tickling, really.
i had sex wit dude but his dick was miniscule...we fuckled.
by asshole January 21, 2004
Antimatter is very different. Antimatter is just basicly as an atom with different properties. Positron(positively charged electrons) and Anti-Proton(negatively charged protons) makes anti atom. Now it really means that it is the type of atom that work in REVERSE of our type of matter. When antimatter and matter collides, well, they are both destroyed. And it emit radiation at the freakin speed of light!.
antimatter will be soon be the next weapon for terrorist.
by asshole April 07, 2004
a celeberty; targeted by idiots, wannabes,girls,boys,people want to make fun of her.

She does have a really good talent but many people make fun of her because of how people taken her for the wrong image. Basicly, she is a popular pop singer with great singing talent and hot body, but the only con is that many people have low opinions about her.
Britney Spears kissed Maddona on the awards!
by Asshole March 02, 2004
a white fag that thinks he is black and beats it too much
eminem is a wangster
by asshole January 30, 2004
a wierd dude that writes plays
william shakespreare is weird.
by asshole April 29, 2003