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slapping a penis on top of someones forehead or on a car window
we gotta get out of here i just mushroom stamped that cops car

that guy parked so close to me i mushroom stamped his window
by ass master January 18, 2003
1. Anal orfice
2. A real asshole
1) I slowly slid it in her asspipe.
2) My boss is such an asspipe.
by Ass Master July 02, 2003
a queef (pussy fart)
oh man she just let out the nastiest sausage wallet zephyr ive ever smelled
by ass master January 18, 2003
self explanitory when said aloud.....
I am sofaking we Todd did.
by ass master February 18, 2003
Mob talk for whore.
Tony, I am sorry I killed her, but she's a ho'er.
by ass master May 23, 2004
another slang word for anything that stops the blood from running during menstruation
oh man my tounge was just used as a twat plug. i just got my red wings
by ass master January 18, 2003
what you tell someone when you want them to suck your little 2 inch cock
hey becky suqa m'dik
by ass master January 18, 2003

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