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Acronym for Last Minute Resistance. This is when a woman puts up some form of resistance right before you successfully lay her because she start having second thoughts about having sex.
I took her panties off and she gave me LMR before I put my dick inside her. But my game is so tight I was able to plow through the shit and hit it!
by Dominican Mandingo June 10, 2005
a multiplayer clan made up by IRL friends
*lmrs_SpankyEgg has joined the game*
lmrs_SpankyEgg: hi all
Evryone else: NOOO!!! NOT THE LMRS!
by Spankeh himself April 07, 2004
Used as a short form for the file extention for the lamerlogs.
At there are many files with the .lmr extension.
by King_John March 24, 2005
Let Me Rape. This is a friendly yet demeaning acronym to say to your best friends. Similar to LML, LMP, LMD
Hey John LMR!
by xdaddy July 24, 2009
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