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a penis that ejaculates at 155 miles per hour *249.9 kmph*
"damn, i tried to close my eyes, but that damn roddick got me"

"I got knocked out yesterday by my boyfriend, he busted a roddick"

#roddick #andy #andy roddick #federer #agassi #nadal #rod
by Asiansensation6576464 May 05, 2008
a black man's penis.
"nigga i had to go to court today and get my child support, cause i couldnt resist dwight's war machine"

"What's the next best thing to Chuck norris's roundhouse? A war machine nigga"
#war machine #terrence howard #iron man #tony stark #nigger #chuck norris
by Asiansensation6576464 May 06, 2008
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