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5 definitions by Ash-Ree

Something that a person needs to stop doing, immediately.

“Paula dropped her onion rings all over the ground. She said that’s God’s way of telling her to shut it down!, and stop eating.”
by Ash-Ree April 30, 2007
A figurative place where a woman goes when she's aroused sexually.
Somer said, "Oh man, that guy was soo hot last night. He took me straight to Wetville!"
by Ash-Ree May 01, 2007
A saying of disgust when someone offers you something. Can be said alone, or can be added in front of whatever it is your being offered.

“Yeah, that tramp offered to sleep with James, but he said ‘Keep the pussy, just keep it!’”
by Ash-Ree April 30, 2007
When a persons double chin is so huge, it covers their face and looks like a beard.

“Wow, look at the fat beard on that guy over there!”
by Ash-Ree April 30, 2007
Another term for a woman’s labia that hangs low & loose out of her private area.
“Holy! Look at her meat curtains! That’s loose!”
by Ash-Ree April 30, 2007