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Continuos, heavy poundings into any of a girls orifices, while shouting (at the top of your voice) 'SLAM SLAM SLAM SHAZAM' the shazam indicating your ejaculation.
Jessica: Hey babe want to try anything new tonight?

Ilyess: Yeh i thought i would give you the old 'Slam slam slam shazam'
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
Ejaculating and pissing at the same time while performing anal, producing a golden goo dripping from the anus when the penis is withdrawn.
"Dude i totally gave her some golden grease last night."
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
Getting your penis covered in shit after performing anal. Not wanting a dirty penis, you wipe the mess on to the arse cheeks as if your penis was a knife, spreading chocolate spread on toast.
Aaron: So dude i heard you did something wild last night with that chick

Brogan: Yeh i gave her a large helping of the chocolate spread
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
Taking a shit in bad weather
Brogan took a chocolate thunder last night. Was wild
by Arthwani June 20, 2011
A vagina slightly dark in colour, with massive piss flaps
Yo Brogan I went down on a girl last night. She had a Chunky Monkey.
by Arthwani June 20, 2011

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