2 definitions by ArmyWife4Life

a smiley used mainly on instant messenger to indicate a man with a handlebar moustache sticking his tongue out at you. often used in place of lol or jk.
person A: your mom came over for a good dicking last night
person B: WHAT??
person A: :{P
by armywife4life May 26, 2007
a redneck wedding in which at least 1 of3 males attending carries a shotgun to the wedding or some other firearm. Often results in drunken misfires killing guests. Usually held at trailer parks or farms. Often more than one person there is missing a limb from farming accidents, and almost none have all their teef.
Redneck 1:Little Billy Ray Joe Bob Jr. and Amanda Mae Sally Sue are having a shotgun wedding at his mamas trailer lot, hope none of tha guests git shot!

Redneck 2: yep. we betta bring our whiskey and huntin rifles...

by ArmyWife4Life May 18, 2006

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