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The * makes the word a sound. So to write creepy would be itself while *creepy* would be the sound. The sound is a grunt alluding to the movie Orange County. Jack Black uses it when his father tells him and others that they "Came together" the night before. He precedes with a intrigued yet slightly erotic grunt. I had to make a word for it to express it during AIM, or Instant Messages, over the Internet. I came up with *creepy*.
Mohamed- "Dude, I went over to Ken's house to help his mom with the move."

Archie- "*creepy* Did you guys do it?"

Mohamed- "No, but she gave me a noogie if that counts."

Archie- "A noogie or a noogy?"
by Archie Hughes May 19, 2005
A single word used for a complete sentence. Usually to express an agreement. When stated one moves his or her head up and down repeatably.
Mohamed- "Dude, Mr. Dunlop runs like a mentally disabled dinosaur."

Archie- "Thusly."

Mohamed- "Indubitably."

Archie- "Indeed."

Both- *creepy*
by Archie Hughes May 19, 2005

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