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What you yell to your minions when you want them to do your bidding.
by Apophis August 21, 2003
An alliance of Goa'uld resistance, dedicated to wiping out the System Lords.
major carter's father became a tok'ra
by Apophis November 28, 2004
Something only psychos have a definition for.
See Above 2 statements
by Apophis December 28, 2003
A bent dick caused by taking Viagra with no way to take your pants off.
HAHA, john has a crooked niner, what a loser!
by Apophis December 28, 2003
Gate travel via wormhole is one way. A person cannot go through the gate, leave it open, and then step back through it. The gate has to be stopped and then restarted from the opposite planet in order to travel back to the other end. The only thing thing that can travel two ways through the gate are radio waves (which the MALP transmits back to Earth).
The wormhole automatically shuts down after 38 minutes
by Apophis November 28, 2004
An extremely ugly girl.
1 dude>OMG that bitch is so damn rugged!
2 dude>DUDE!, thats my GF!
by Apophis December 28, 2003
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