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1. Blanket description of a group of people, similar to Average Joe or Joe Sixpack. Joe the Plumber represents hard-working citizens who perform a task vital to the community.

2. Nickname for Joe Wurzelbacher during the 2008 US presidential election, who got his 15 minutes of fame by confronting Barack Obama with a hypothetical scenario of buying the plumbing business he worked for that would allegedly put him in the top tax bracket. The actual income of the business he was babbling about didn't reach above a quarter of the taxable income needed before the threshold.
1. The fundamentals of the economy are strong. I know for a fact that Joe the Plumber can bench over 350 lbs.

2. Aight, so I called up my dawg named Joe Wurzelburger.. Wurzelb... Joe the Plumber, and his imaginal business would be taxed higher in that one's tax plan!
#joe #joe the plumber #plumber #barack #obama #mccain #election #usa #us #president #presidential #debate
by Apocryphite October 18, 2008
Pride which abuts against the theoretical limits of pride.
To the extent that one man can be proud of another man without shaming the other, I am incredibly proud of him. I feel proudmax.
#proud #pride #shame #manlove #penny arcade #limit #bromance
by Apocryphite March 29, 2010
Condiment used in very bad dishes. Can be applied in regards to anything of low quality. Alternately, male ejaculate in the context of fellatio. Use with caution.
How was the food at the restaurant?
Oh, don't ask. Let's just say it was covered in sucksauce.
#suck #sauce #duck #ducksauce #poor #bad #awesome sauce #jism
by Apocryphite April 08, 2010
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