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1. A symbol for false religion as described in the Bible book Revelation who is represented as a fornicator who kills God's people. Turning to other gods is often described as or compared to adultery in the old testament and the ancient city of Babylon is where many pagan beliefs began, many are still believed today (astrology, fortune telling, etc).

2. A total whore.
1. God will one day destroy Babylon the Great.

2. She had two kids by two dads before she was 20, got married to another dude, and got divorced because he found out she was cheating on him with another girl's fiance. She is such a Babylon the Great!
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by Aphrodora September 10, 2010
The 34th state in the USA, which is boring and (mostly) flat. There are just a bunch of farmers and members of the middle class looking for big cheap housing so they can feel like they’re members of the upper middle class, even though they aren’t. Points of Interest are as follows:
Village West –Nothing special, but if you're driving through KS on your way to somewhere more interesting it’s worth a stop, if only to break the monotony of seeing all the cows and corn fields (KS grows more corn than wheat).

Massachusetts Street in Lawrence: Lawrence is the only city in KS with any culture. Mass. Street is notable for its locally owned restaurants and stores.
Great Plains Mall: Not really great, the entire thing would fit in one of the department stores at Mall of America and half the stores are empty.
Renaissance Festival
KU – A decent school that does surprisingly well in basketball
KSU - A decent school
The first 4 places are all close to Missouri for the sole purpose of stealing MO’s tax dollars by drawing people in Kansas City to spend their money in KS, which is rather unfortunate because those rednecks really need the money to fix their roads. In case you didn’t catch it, the majority of KC is in MO. In fact, everything significant that you’ve ever heard of being in KC is in KC, MO, although KC, KS exists. The Kansas City Zoo, Mount Leonard, Union Station, KCI, and Worlds of Fun are actually in MO, despite any Kansan propaganda you may have heard.
John:Where you from
John: I hear Kansas sucks.
Peter: Why do you think I moved away?
#missouri #lawrence #massachusetts street #kansas university #kansas state university #farmers #wikipedia #boring #the wizard of oz #kansas city #village west #great plains mall
by Aphrodora August 02, 2010
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