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3 definitions by Anti-Garage

Most commonly found in the NASCAR world.

1. Teeny boopers - most commonly fans of Kasey Kahne, Brian Vickers, and Kyle Busch who know little about racing and clog up racing message boards with messages such as "He's so cute, does he havea girlfriend".

2. Generally know very little about racing including who is in the points lead.

3. Still live with their parents and operate under the delusion that they will some day hook up with their driver of choice.

4. Pathetic losers.

The posters at Kasey Kahne.com are a bunch of pathetic garage groupies.
by Anti-Garage April 16, 2005
An openly gay NASCAR driver.
Wouldn't his father shit if he knew June Bug was gay?
by Anti-Garage April 23, 2005
gay queer The first openly gay professional driver.
Did you see Jeff Gordon on The Advocate?
by Anti-Garage April 23, 2005