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When a cool, boxer wearing person gives a wedgie and then puts the waistband over something like a doornob so the reciever hangs above the ground.
In are gym room there is a really small coat closet. The coat pegs are really high up, and are only 25 inches apart. I was changing for gym when a group of boxer wearing "cool" people caught me wearing tighty whighties. 2 of them came up and gave me a mervin. To make it worse The put the front of me waistband on one coat hook and the back of the waistband on a coat hook on the other side. Everyone was laughing. They say its a every boxer wearers job to give any tighty whitie wearer either a atomic or hanging wedgie.
by Anonyymous August 26, 2006
When cool male children give a mervin, then hang both sides of the underwear up on something high like a coat hanger, to whitie tightie wears.
In our locker room there is a coat closet, and the hangers are really high up and only 25 in. apart. I was changing in the boys locker room when the "cool" boys came in. 2 of them came up and gave me a mervin, but to make it worse they put the front side of my tightie whities on the left side of the closet, the the back side of my tightie whities on the other. They called it a hanging mervin. Everyone was laughing. They do this to me every gym day when the coach leaves early.
by Anonyymous August 26, 2006

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