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1 definition by AnonymousDooneyVictim

doo-ney (adj.) 1.) Slang for a fat, ugly, and/or annoying girl.
(N.) 2.) An obese nasty "hoe" who starves for attention and fufills her need through pointless drama and Peanut Butter Oreos, also a ruthless cockblocker.

Alternative Definitions/Words: A "bum bum bum bum " bitch, baluga whale, and any form of the word gorilla is acceptable

Dooneys need to be stopped! Recognize your local "dooney'' and call authorities a.s.a.p.
did you see that dooney gal? her saggy face was covered in peanut butter. someone's gotta drive her home.
by AnonymousDooneyVictim December 13, 2005