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1. Someone who only thinks of ruining human testicals. That's all they think about and will ever think about.

2. A name used for a hitman who specializes in death by testical torture. Basically, a guy who is coming to bust your nutsack open.
1. I hear that girl is a skoxman.

2. Dude, I swear to god. I owe a alot of bad people alot of money. They're sending a skoxman over to my house right now. DO YOU EVEN KNOW what a skoxman is?
by Anonymous0945 October 29, 2007
(to be skox)

1.The act of getting both your testicals crushed by someone you've known and trusted forever. Derived from the word Skaukman, which is the last name of Mark Skaukman.

2. When you are given a soda that is really, really old and moldy, but because it's still in the can, you can't tell when you go to drink it.

3. Socks made of compressed skeleton bone.

1. I got fucking skox yesterday.. you know he did this to his own father?

2. get skox!

3. Hey, are those some skox? :o

by Anonymous0945 October 29, 2007

drugs are cool, and people who are on them sometimes make great music.
a week ago, i got my little sister smoking weed. soon, i'm going to get her hooked on stronger drugs.
by Anonymous0945 October 29, 2007

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