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The single most insulting phrase you can hear from a girl. Meaning that you have no chance of ever getting any from them.
Girl: "I love you like a brother"
Boy: "wtf! stfu."
by Anonymous Passenger March 27, 2007
OSX but with windows logos, and will crash all of the time.""
"Have you seen the new Windows os vista?"
"Yeah, I got mac osx"
by Anonymous Passenger January 11, 2006
Officially the worst train company in the UK. Their trains smell and are always late.

Often called "Worst Late Western"
"First Great Western? More like WORST LATE Western"
by Anonymous Passenger September 10, 2007
A rectangle with rounded corners.
"Those iPods are in the shape of a podrangle."
by Anonymous Passenger November 03, 2005
Homework completed on a bus. Originated in England (2005).
This homework is 'bus craft'.
by Anonymous Passenger October 12, 2005
A cross between a hippie and an emo.
"That guys not a chemo. He's a Hipmo!"
by Anonymous Passenger May 25, 2007
When many people are trying to use the same door, often in two directions; common in schools, train stations and other various busy places.

"We'll have to wait for the door storm to pass"
by Anonymous Passenger October 22, 2005

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