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4 definitions by Anonymous Ball Smacker

during rare and unusual pubatory activity, the testicles and the scrotum sack detach and shoot twoards neptune, thus being called in the medical profession, F.S.S. (Flying Scrotum Syndrome)

Also a popular Christian rock band
I was on a walk and balls detached, and flew away, and I said hey, that's one high flying scrotum.
by anonymous ball smacker March 20, 2003
27 23
The definition is as the name implies. It is simply the excretions of a rectum, used as a feminine masturbation tool. Yes a turd used as a dildo
Mary was forced to use her turd dildo when her sorry lover could not deliver the pleasure she desired.
by Anonymous Ball Smacker March 20, 2003
19 16
One who carries around buckets of soapy water, and paint scrapers to clean away the ejaculatory fluid left on old women and farm animals.

A person who is very high in the social ladder
HI I'm Larry, I'm the sperm cleaner upper, I'm here to wash away the ejaculatory fluid that was reportedly left on your Grand mother
by anonymous ball smacker March 20, 2003
13 15
one who excels at acrobaticism
larry's acrobatical performance was unbelievably queer
by anonymous ball smacker March 20, 2003
3 7