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Someone who gets off on using big complicated words or esoteric terminology.
Bob tries to sound like he's smart, but he really isn't. He suffers from cryptolexiconis orgasmia.
by Anhedonis October 27, 2009
n. One who can be easily persuaded to drive you somewhere; a pushover-chauffeur.
If neither of us wants to drive, we can get Johnny to do it. He's a real pushauffeur.
by Anhedonis November 03, 2010
Conjunction: solace + sexual: n. Someone who hooks up with another, not for love, attraction, or boredom, but out of mutual sorrow. adj. Having the characteristics of sexual activity performed exclusively to fuck the misery out of each other.
"My job sucks, my divorce papers came in, and I turned 40 today. Might as well find a crummy dive bar and get some solasexual action."
by Anhedonis October 13, 2011
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