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You look for a newspaper/online article then write a summary about it or whatever the hell you feel like. Thursdays are the days you DO current events cause they are due friday.

But there are losers who do it an extra day early...
Teacher: "Class do not forget your current event this week!"
Student: "Don't worry I'm special and did it a day early!"
by Angry Salamander October 20, 2005
When someone from the gaming world (video games), likes to jump around like a crazy person while shooting. Some people even consider bunny hopping cheating, oh my.
Person 1: "MY GOD!!! Look at him he's hacking!!!"
Person 2: "No he's not hacking it's called bunny hopping..."
Person 1: "Oh right, samething ban him..."
by Angry Salamander November 02, 2005
When your playing a game, look down see your health bar is almost empty, and yell heal me!

Even though you know your going to get raped by this monster but you will try to blame it on the healer.
*Healer spontaneously combusts*
Person: "Heal me!"
Healer: "Ya it would help if I was alive..."
Person: "Oh crap!"
*Person dies*
by Angry Salamander October 27, 2005
Someone who constantly goes to the "winning" team never ever wanting to be on the losing team, better improving his or her score.
Score Whore: "Since the Counter-Terroist team is stacked I'm going to go and leave the Terroist team to die."
by Angry Salamander November 01, 2005
What happens when you violently anger/scare/annoy someone over IM.
Person 1: "I love you..."
Person 2: "I *heart* you too."
Person 3: "Ok you guys are so blocked..."
by Angry Salamander October 19, 2005
Often used to describe something intense, meaning in a violent way maybe involving some shaking/twitching.
Person 1: "Wow, look at that guy he violently wet his pants..."
Person 2: "Gross my eyes are burning!"
by Angry Salamander October 20, 2005
Otherwords known as "Northworst Airlines". Not only do they cram you in between two fat people, but they manage to make you pay 3$ for a snack. Soon they will charge you for the recycled bacteria in the air you get on the plane.
Me: "What airline do we have?"
Fred: "Northwest Airlines..."
Me: "Shit!"
by Angry Salamander July 14, 2006

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