18 definitions by Angry Salamander

When something goes in the opposite direction it is intended to; use your imagination.
Ryan is negative distance.
by Angry Salamander December 22, 2005
When "something" goes in the opposite direction, it has negative distance.
Ryan has negative distance.
by Angry Salamander December 08, 2005
One who is seriously crazy or deranged (needs assistance as soon as possible).
Person 1: "Wow that guy is wearing clothes..."
Person 2: "What a crazy loon!"
by Angry Salamander October 18, 2005
Someone who goes to a sleep over with nothing but a sweatshirt to sleep in, in the morning they are often found curled into a ball anywhere from under the table to under the bed. There's two ways to get rid of a hobo, either drive him yourself to his place called "home" or attach a ham sandwich to a string and place it under a box.
Me: "Haha Ryan is such a hobo!"
by Angry Salamander July 11, 2006
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