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A fake hair piece, either a whole bunch (for example a pony tail) or integrated bits of hair 'weaved' in with the rest of the hair. Mostly black in color, because the majority of people that wear them are black so they want it to blend in. However there are some people that choose, um, interesting colors...
tell my neighbor artisha that her nasty ass purple weave is disgusting, it dont matter if she is 11 its still disgusting
by Angelacia May 02, 2007
When girls get colored contacts to make their eyes a different color. Very popular with black girls but girls of all ethnicities can use fake eyes. They are generally looked down on, especially since they are usually very obvious. The green is alien-looking, the blue is swimming-pool colored, and as for the purple...well that's just tacky.
Fake hair, fake eyes, fake tits, and a fake ass. Girl what's real on you??!!
by Angelacia June 11, 2007
1. crazy racist with fucked up ideas

2. frikin amazing author who wrote one of my favorite books in the world.
hey, sister souljah just published a book that spoke to my heart!

hey, sister souljah just said all blacks should kill all whites!
by Angelacia May 13, 2007
a kind of canvas-and-rubber shoe, very light and plain, used as part of a school uniform in many elementary schools.

In England, plimsolls have gone the way of Converse and Vans before them, and have become wildly cool due to their retro cool and, due to their mild and understated look, ability to go with most outfits.

original plimsoll colors include white, black, and gray. two toned plimsolls, especially blue and white, have become popular as a way to personalize the trend.
evette was wearing a dress with a cardigan and plimsolls to the picnic.
by Angelacia August 01, 2008
A movie usually featuring actors in their mid- to late twenties, revolving around the 'geek' and their friends, and the 'popular kid' and their friends. There is at least one big party in the movie, where the geek gets dressed up and everyone is amazed, but gets spurned by the 'popular' kid. These movies are all exactly the same, and are summed up very nicely in Not Another Teen Movie.
Not another Teen Movie is my favorite teen movie.
by Angelacia June 14, 2007
Any type of insanely tight jeans that literally hug the girls booty.
quanna was wearin booty huggers so tight she tried to bend over and did a somersault instead.
by Angelacia June 04, 2007
a backtrack or a way of correcting what you just said
i think its in my room...no, i lie, i gave it to pancho
by angelacia March 14, 2009

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