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69 definitions by Angela

shakin it
wobble wobble shake it shake it!
by angela October 07, 2003
the art of acting like a dick
Stan-if she ain't fuckin, she's good for nothin
Angela-that's such a dickly thing to say
by Angela March 21, 2005
To go hang or chill in no specific location.
Yo, let's go post up.
by Angela May 06, 2004
a person who be claiming to things that are not true like claiming to be in a gang
that boy claim he a blood but he just a false claimer
by angela April 16, 2005
well i think that the rasmus are really ace with how they do there music and my fav would have to be in the shadows yeah all i can say is that they are tons better than that pansie lot the darkness
rasmus rule!!!!!!!!!!
by angela June 28, 2004
it a short for tizite!
o tiz!
by angela October 07, 2003
a steady user of crystal meth, or someone who has become addicted to it.
Dude, check out that jibhead, he's crazy. Hasn't been sober for 2 years.
by angela February 12, 2005