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Janan is a very attractive person who can kick your butt in any fight. She might be small but she can kill anyone who comes near her. She is always someone you can lean on and talk to about anything. She is a great friend too.
Oh no that Janan is coming we better hide.
by pepethepuppet November 21, 2010
1) a form of attire for the intra-genito-anal region worn to compensate for the lack of a penis by an otherwise genetically male person, usually in pink and floral patterns

2) describing a man who has breasts larger than his girlfriends' or lovers'

3) intense black, so black (moreso than black itself) that it actually a new shade(janan)

4) Describing a person with a strangely crooked nose

1) My janan is really chaffing me, maybe i should buy a velvet one.

2) Dude, that janan over there must be like a D-cup!

3) When i was dumped in that boot all i could see around me was jananness.

4) I reckon if i karate chopped pinnochio side on he'd be a massive janan
by HSHIZZLE99 November 05, 2008
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