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Noun: someone who is asian that acts more like a white person than an asian person
Man, that asian is supposed to be smart,what a twinkie.
by Angdydrew March 16, 2005
another way to say the word "man"
Yo meng!
Sup meng diddy meng meng!
by AnGdyDrew March 29, 2005
noun: a kind of diarrhea that makes a squirt sound as it comes out. Sometimes, a faint splashing noise can be heard.
Aw man, I gotta go home and take an ass pee.
by Angdydrew March 16, 2005
A ninja technique. Drop to the right knee, swinging the arms like windmills to deflect any defense the opponent may offer. The left arm is used to block any attacks, protecting the face as you slide foward without stepping. The right arm swings up and back, circling from the shoulder. Turn the palm up as it swings between the enemy's feet to stun him. Whip the arms as described and strike the enemy's groin with the open palm with fingers bent at first joint in a Monkey Paw or Tiger Claw fist. The impact will lift the enemy off the ground. Followers of the Iron Hand styles immediatly clench their fists tightly, with a crushing grip, and jerk the hand sharply back to the near hip, effectively ripping away the genitals. Massive blood loss causes death.
Solomon, I've heard enough from you...you must now suffer, Monkey Steals Peach!!!
by AnGdyDrew March 31, 2005
1) another name for a vagina
I saw her nickel machine.

by AnGdyDrew March 30, 2005
1) slang: something to say when extremely pissed

2) slang: gibberish said by Don Veto
"Yes, we get our tests back today, AW FUGHUGGLEBEE!!!"
by Angdydrew March 11, 2005
1:(noun) Something to yell when you win at something
2:(noun) some really good sauce
I got pwn sauce!!!

Damn, this pwn sauce is really schweet.
by Angdydrew March 14, 2005

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