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Quite simply when the Missus sits astride and hammers her flaps on your face!
Geez the wife gave me a right old beefhat last night!

by Andy and Dave July 20, 2006
To refer to a person of ugly appearance, a person who is also meaningless and un-important.

This is a harsh reference that should not be made lightly.

Derived from the two words Chumba and Squat, see dictionary for definitions
In context as a retort "What did you call me you filthy chumbasquat?"


"Blimey Steve did you see the boatrace on that chumbasquat?"
by Andy and Dave July 19, 2006
Someone with a gaping arse hole.

As with the word wizards sleeve but slightly larger in size.
"Steve, I was watching a pr0n0 last night, you wouldn't have believed the size of the bumhatch on this bird!"


"I bet she has a bumhatch and a half!"
by Andy and Dave July 20, 2006
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