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(Ahn-im-ay-shun) The cross between drawing anime, and making it into a TV series.
"Dude, Cody just switched to anime-tion."
"What?? Don't you mean 'Animation'?"
"...Kind of..."
by Andriffic September 02, 2009
Robotic Operations Of Federal Innuendo- A failed idea of the Government (James F. Steele) killing off anyone displeasing, like Fergie, only that would result in negative feedback from people who like her music. In a democracy, everything has to favor the people. Using the latest in robotic technology, androids would be sent all over the place, killing public figures that "rabble-rouse".
What a scary thought... This would've been used to stop any Government overthrow, though... They'd probably be named ROOFI-bots
by Andriffic November 22, 2009

1. A man who sits or stands with (usually) his right leg across his left leg, thus standing with, or having one leg touching the floor, and the other about 4-50 inches above the floor. Women mostly sit all cross-legged, so this does not apply to them. =)

This does not have anything to do with being straight.
"Hey Jim- front row, near the middle. How long can he balance like that?"

"Flamangos can stand on one leg for hours."
by Andriffic September 09, 2009
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