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A person whose only love is for flamingos and mangos
Tom: That guy is such a flamango
Tim: Wow how can you only have a love for flamingos and mangos...
by EnglishDictionary1992 October 23, 2013
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1. A man who sits or stands with (usually) his right leg across his left leg, thus standing with, or having one leg touching the floor, and the other about 4-50 inches above the floor. Women mostly sit all cross-legged, so this does not apply to them. =)

This does not have anything to do with being straight.
"Hey Jim- front row, near the middle. How long can he balance like that?"

"Flamangos can stand on one leg for hours."
by Andriffic September 09, 2009
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I went to the cool zoo and saw quiet a sight; a flamingo indudging in a mango and my mother said "aw what a cute flamango" .
by Leahdaplaya November 10, 2010
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