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Condition in which a portion of feces has passed just beyond the anal sphincter.

See also turtle head
Dude I have to shit so bad, i am having a turtle
by Andrew Lochhead May 21, 2005
Contemporary architecture which mimics American Colonial architecture.
From the French, faux, meaning false.
Alexandria, VA. has an abundance of fauxlonial architecture, as well as some truly historic buildings
by Andrew Lochhead May 21, 2005
a)A part of lesbian typology referring to a lesbian with close cropped hair and glasses.
Resulting in a chicken like appearance .
b) a lesbian who gices head to men
Look at that lesbian she is a chickenhead lez
by Andrew Lochhead May 22, 2005
A homemade cigarette fashioned from the leftover tobacco found in cigarette butts.

Newfoundlanders see newfie are often derided in Canada as being simpletons.
" I had no money to buy smokes so I had to roll a Newfie cigarette just to tide me over.
by Andrew Lochhead May 21, 2005

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