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7 definitions by Andrew Jerabek

A male bathing suit that resembles a pair of shorts. The main diffrence is that the inside netting has been taken away so you have to wear boxers underneath. Because of this, you can wear board shorts of long periods of time without swimming in them like shorts and they won't be uncomfertable. Board shorts were invented for surfers who would spend alot of time on the beach without getting wet so their bathing suit would ride up and hurt like a bitch. Board shorts were made and named after the surfer's board
Goddamn my bathing suit is riding up
You should have worn board shorts
by Andrew Jerabek August 14, 2006
A site where you pay to download files you would get for free anyway at speeds rivaling the snail while they try to get you to watch their anime porn. God, what a bunch of fucks!
"I can only download this at fileplanet!?! WTF the last guy who went on there ended up broke, depressed, and stalking little girls..."
by Andrew Jerabek August 03, 2006
Short for skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, surfboard, and any other word the contains "board". Was shortened because it rolls off the tounge easier and sounds better in a sentence.
That guy was grinding and his board snapped and he sacked himself

by Andrew Jerabek August 14, 2006
To be hit with a fish
I've been cornobbled. I shall cornobble you.
by Andrew Jerabek July 31, 2006
A Freanch-Canadain company which few have heard about but almost everyone has made use of. While the unsuspecting public was going about its busniess, the french-speaking Canadians quickly and quietly invented and manufactured hundreds and hundreds of commonly used machienes such as the ski doo, the subway, and the commercial plane. Don't believe me? Next time you go on a plane, train, or automobile; check to see who made it!
Guy: "Look who made this subway"
Dude: "Bombardier? Who the hell are they?"
Guy: "I don't know but they're everywhere!"
Dude: "lol they're probably gonna take over the world when we're not looking"
Piere Bombardier: "No they're catching on!"
by Andrew Jerabek August 03, 2006
A hamberger made in Australia which is made up of (but not limited to): Bread, a meat patty, ketchup, mustard, relish, onion, tomato, lettuse, hot peppers, mayo, pickel, olives, bacon, fried egg, and beet root.
I can't seem to fit this works burger into my mouth.
by Andrew Jerabek August 02, 2006
The sport of standing in the back of your canoe, paddeling really hard to the left of your opponet, and trying to ram him off his canoe.

1) Points onlt for hitting the lifejacket
2) No deacking the guy as you pass
3) No trying to tip the guy who beat you
The canoe jousting competition was a real sucess last year, except for Mark... they never found his head...
by Andrew Jerabek September 26, 2006