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Shitty net site that makes you wait hours to download a 10kb file. Makes you pay for having access to crappy downloads like MMO trials.
10 day trial of Matrix Online from shitplanet? Fuck that!
by dzjepp March 28, 2005
58 10
Shittiest DL site ever.
Isn't File Planet shitty?
by George Sekorsky April 01, 2003
32 7
A site where you pay to download files you would get for free anyway at speeds rivaling the snail while they try to get you to watch their anime porn. God, what a bunch of fucks!
"I can only download this at fileplanet!?! WTF the last guy who went on there ended up broke, depressed, and stalking little girls..."
by Andrew Jerabek August 03, 2006
27 6