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3 definitions by AnaWanaMia?

A term used by genuine sufferers of anorexia to describe someone who thinks anorexia is a lifestyle, and not a disease. Typical wanarexic behaviour can include:

1. Posting on pro-ana sites in places like LiveJournal about how they want to "become ana" to drop a few pounds for prom.

2. Referring to anorexia as a person or, in even more bizarre cases, a deity. The term "ana", when once a useful shortening, has been taken over by wanarexics to demonstrate their "devotion" to this "lifestyle".

3. Posting "thinspiration" pictures of skinny models and celebrities, and idolizing Mary-Kate Olsen, who reportedly suffers from anorexia.

4. The overall, unshaking belief that anorexia is a cool diet that will make you thin, popular and loved by all, and consequently a complete lack of comprehension as to the truth - that anorexia is a complex, crippling mental disease that can cause appalling long-term health complications, including brittle bones, chronic halitosis, lanugo (fur-like hair that covers the body to help keep it warm when there is not enough body fat to do the job), stomach ulcers, hair loss and loss of eyesight. And that's to say nothing of the psychological effects.

A similar term exists for people who fake bulimia: fauxlemic.
"ZOMG godezz aNa is soooo good 2 me, she helpd me loose 2 more pounds 4 prom!"

"dun call me a wanarexic or goddez aNar will zap j00 with her fat ray!"
by AnaWanaMia? April 24, 2006
A variation on the term "Effing and Blinding", meaning to swear or curse profusely. Used in the North of England, notably by one Karl Pilkington in an episode of the Ricky Gervais Show.
Karl: I've just slagged off that octopus, but at no point was I effing and jeffing about it.
by AnaWanaMia? May 17, 2006
The act of posting fifty successive images of Hitler in a thread, usually when you have run out of legitimate arguments for the topic at hand.
You: I disagree with you.
Them: You are incorrect.
You: You're a fag.
Them: Your mum.
You: *fifty Hitler post*
by AnaWanaMia? May 25, 2006