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A very nice city located at Venezuela, who has in every corner a beautiful lady, Has a nice weather, Good food, Good People,The beaches are so near, The nearest place is "La Guaira" it is a very nice place with a lot of hotels and clubs. Also has Mt. Ávila near, you can walk up or go on Gondola. But Venezuela has a fucking government, His President a Fidel Castro Wannabee makes us our lives impossible day by day. His supporters knowns as "Chavista" are just a bunchs of criminals/idiots and are payed by the government. The economy of Venezuela is busted because of this Communist. Chavez is influenced by Fidel castro, also Chavez is Fidel Castro's girlfriend. Chavez gifts our oil to Cuba and our money too.
For more info: www.chatcaracas.com
by AnGeL_DeVoId September 10, 2005
IRC Operators are users on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Network with privileged access. Sometimes known as Opers, operators, or IRCops (which is sometimes a pun on IRC Cops), these users are tasked with enforcing the network rules, and in most cases, rerouting the network topography for faster access.
Ircop aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sssssssssssssss ddddddd
#ircop #bitches #poo #girls #faggots
by AnGeL_DeVoId November 10, 2005
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