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A sex call, when this is said it stimulates the female sexually and makes them horny almost immediately
When he said "Muffin, Muffin!", I jumped on top of him and proceeded to fuck him.
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
The area in-between the anus and the genitalia. Also known as the choad
DAYUMN BOY! You have a hairy buttgina! You need that shit waxed!
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
A term used to label the male/female's private parts, in a g-rated fasion
"Wow Andrew, your friend is VERY excited!" said Vicky
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004
n. A Russian man who uses a vibrator to sexually stimulate someone who is extremely obsessed with Russia
v. The act of a Russian Vibe stroking the clitoris of an extremely obsessed about Russia girl with a vibrator
n. Whoa, that Russian Vibe I ordered in that catalog made me cream cheese so much last night!
v. You can Russian Vibe me all night long, Ivan...
by AnDDreWWW March 24, 2004
A term used for a hot-looking motherfucker.
Look! It's the muffin man! I really want his cock.
by AnDDreWWW March 23, 2004

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