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The ass of a man who has chosen to use it for sex rather than dropping the duce
One man to another,
"That was some fine buttgina I had last night!"
by bob February 06, 2005
the point in a sexual relationship were they fear of children is strong that sex is strictly anal the butt taking the place of the vagina creating buttgina
we did it all night, right in the buttgina
by kazzle azzle October 28, 2008
A female who's vagina has been used so much that the gap that seperates the vagina and anus has been connected (ie theres no longer a chod) (IE Jenny is a Buttgina queen)
by el deezy April 14, 2003
A slang expression that someone into anal sex calls the asshole
Hey baby, I know you're having your period. Just give me some of that buttgina
by headly lamar January 10, 2012
A girl whos so fat it looks like she has an ass in the front.
That girl has a buttgina.
by KC July 09, 2004
An operation performed by Buttgina surgeons which creates a single passageway between butt and vagina!
Danny: I wish i could slam my girlfriend in the ass and watch my cock come out her vagina.

Alex: Well my friend, she needs a buttgina!
by Jarmeister November 28, 2011
when a womans is so fat, that her fupa covers her vagina. therefore creating the illusion that her vagina has actually migrated to her backside, located underneath her rear end. it is usually noticable when she is wearing sweatpants
f, " good grief, that woman has absolutly no business wearing a pair of pants like that. what on earth is that cleft of fat hanging off the bottom of her butt?"

me, "that my friend is a buttgina!"
by kittiemudd November 16, 2010
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