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The act of getting "high" or "buzzed" from intentional ingestion, and overdosing of cough syrup and/or gelcaps containg dextromethorphan HBr
hmmmm...your monitor floating up through the ceiling while you watch in amazement
by An0nym0us December 10, 2003
1. Piece of fried chicken.

2. Small turd.

3. One cool-ass individual. See also, Justine.
1. I went to McDonalds and ate a nugget.

2. After sitting for some time on the ivory throne, I zipped up my pants, glanced down into the water, and saw a nugget.

3. Dude 1: "Dude, Jon Davis is a freakin' nugget!"
Dude 2: "W3rd, he's Justine."
by an0nym0us July 28, 2005
A *special* fagget
Jerr0d y0ur such a spaget.
by an0nym0us June 13, 2003
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