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A pet name for someone loyal and devoted, who will always be there for you no matter what.
Whenever I'm most down, I turn to my wuffy for comfort.
by Amayanoir May 07, 2009
The male version of a foxy lady. Playful and cute, but cunning at the same time. Known to have the ability to wink suggestively at a woman and have her phone number appear automatically in his jacket pocket.
Heath Ledger was cute, but he was no Raposo.
by Amayanoir April 30, 2009
Portugal's version of NyQuil, except that it actually IS considered a liquor. So you DO have to be old enough to purchase it.

A liquor with a secret formula the Tussen family has been trying to get their hands on for centuries.
Pass me the Licor Beirão, I've got a killer cough and I wanna dance.
by Amayanoir April 30, 2009
A town in Portugal where all the cool kids hangs out. Birthplace of awesome musicians and people who fall in love with Britons.
That kid is from Montemor-o-Velho, he's a freaking genius on a guitar!
by Amayanoir April 30, 2009
The outcome of killing a duck for dinner by feeding it dry rice.

A food people eat when they can't get chicken rice.
Awww, no chicken? Just give me duck rice then.
by Amayanoir April 30, 2009
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