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the transposition of initial or other sounds of words, usually by accident
Best done by artist Bruce Nauman in his light installation

"Run from Fear, Fun From Rear"
by Amalia Lylian September 13, 2011
One who is completely off one's cracker.
That girl at the bar last night was totally blowing lines and shouting out random Snooki facts. She was a total Cracky.
by Amalia Lylian March 24, 2011
Flipping through your friends status updates and being happy at the great mix of new videos, links, and other blips of information from the collective friendbrain
“I was totally statusfied with the plethora of Charlie Sheen quotes I learned today from cruising the Facebook news feed.”
by Amalia Lylian March 07, 2011
In the act of getting to second base
Friend 1: "My boyfriend has been getting a little handsy lately"

Friend 2: "I bet he wishes he was getting more headsy though"
by Amalia Lylian March 24, 2011
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