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Something that is of above average quality. In golf, a score that is subpar or below par is better than a score that is above par. Therefore if something was above average, you could say that thing was subpar.
Guy: "My winter break so far has been pretty subpar"
Girl: "Oh why? what happened?"
Guy: "Nevermind. I meant that it was better than average but society has brainwashed you with the incorrect definition"
by ALurker December 26, 2009
Things on Facebook like chat and videos never seem to work, or just periodically break. A facebook phone is a phone that just randomly stops working for no reason.
Person 1:ok this fucking phone just randomly deleted all of my like 20 contacts!!!!!! and all my text messages ohhhhhmyyyFUCK this is super gay

Person 2: sounds like you have a facebook phone
by Alurker September 24, 2009
Used in place of the word legit, to express that something is cool or hip. It represents a higher level of coolness since it's not just legitimate, but its credible too.
Person 1: Did you hear Matt saved a baby from being eaten by a shark?

Person 2: That kid is so credible
by alurker September 11, 2010
Acronym that stands for "Factual Statement about my life"
Used in contexts when the usage of fml, mlia, or lml are not appropriate because you are not using your emotions to make any large generalizations about your life
Me: "I just heard someone knocking on my door, but no one was there. fsaml"
Hot chick:"OMG that is so hot, I always wanted to be with someone who believed in an objective reality and uses reason rather than emotion."
by ALurker January 20, 2010

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