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The new "PC" way for a hooker to define her profession as an escort, hooker, prostitute, lady of the night.... She thinks that she is better than a street walker because she works in clubs.
The girl brags about making money at clubs by getting guys to buy "shots" because she is the "Event coordinator". She reveals this in the morning after being dropped off by a "friend".

She travels with friends that pay for her company, because she is "fun to be around".

When confronted, she will say "I guess you could call me an escort but I don't have sex"!

IMPORTANT: The girl will never actually be on the clubs payroll.
by Alpha Male June 01, 2012
Erect nipples, prominently displayed on a set of bolt ons.
Her headlights are niplastic! Salute to the Dr for the tit job!
by Alpha Male December 21, 2014
Cannot really be defined. Its a word beyond all defination.
However, i would have to define it as.... no, i was wrong, it absolutly cannot be defined.

Its just chic.
Whoa, that shirt is totally retro chic in a urban sense.
by Alpha male January 08, 2004

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