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Pronounced: "Sifa-gono-hepa-herpee-sayds.

An STD cocktail that you catch from a dirty whore. Composed of:

Can also include chlamydia at no extra cost.
"Dude did you actually go home with that skank?"

"Yea but I was so drunk that I forgot a condom"

"Oh man you better go get checked for syphigonohepaherpesaids"
by Almighty Sandwich October 07, 2009
When your girlfriend/wife makes you do or say something in front of your bros to show that you have a girlfriend.

She is embroassing.

Often accompanied by baby talk or something mooshy, and when she thinks you are in the presence of other girls.
*On the phone*
Girlfriend: "Ok boobiebaby I Love you"

Boyfriend: "You too"

Girlfriend: "What? say it"

Boyfriend: *quietly* "I love you too"

Girlfriend: "You Love me too what?"

Boyfriend: "I love you too boobiebaby"


Boyfriend says to his bros: "god damn she is so embroassing."
by Almighty Sandwich September 15, 2009

The lazy person's dictionary.

Used mostly for a spell check, but can also be used to quickly find the meaning of a word by reading the search results page (without all of the hassle of clicking the results)
Example 1:

emberasing, no wait, thats not right.. google ftw, lets just type it in the search bar.. and...

Did you mean: embarrassing

ctrl+C ctrl+v

thanks dictionoogle

Example 2:

wtf does TLDNR mean.. lets just type it in here and see what it says..

Urban Dictionary: tldnrJun 27, 2006 ... tldnr - 1 definition - Too long did not read An acronym used on Internet forums. When someone writes too much in their post, and you simply ...
www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tldnr - Cached - Similar

ah i see, thanks dictionoogle!
by Almighty Sandwich September 15, 2009
A random attack on the forums by someone you do not know. much like a mob in video games such as WoW.
you: FC is the best guild, no doubt about it.

Forum mob: lol yea rite everyone knows WoC is the best guild

Forum DPS: No, FC is by far better than anyone else, we own the battlefields.
by Almighty Sandwich September 15, 2009
when you absolutely need to post something on a forum that will get flamed and/or trolled several times.

Just hope you have a forum healer to reply and settle down the flames.
Tank: I cannot find an answer, how to I build a house in world of warcraft?

Everyone replied: LMAO NOOB

Healer: calm down, he is new and asking for help. OP: There are no houses in WoW.

He had to tank the forums to get his answer.
by Almighty Sandwich September 15, 2009
When you look in another car and you can only see the other person's eye lids because they are staring in their lap texting on their phone.
Dude 1: wtf is this crazy lady doing
Dude 2: yea I see text lids, that explains a lot
by Almighty Sandwich September 16, 2009

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