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extra large breasts, especially ones that are hanging.
Woah, that girl needs to wear a better bra, her wobbleknockers are swinging!
by Almalphia September 27, 2010
When you call your machine to leave yourself a message to assure you won't forget something.

Clone Calling: the act of making a clone call.
Kathy; Hey, don't forget that we have tickets to the Styx Concert on the 29th!

Wendy: I don't have my calender, let me make a clone call.
by Almalphia September 27, 2010
Used to replace curse words such as shit or dammit when making an exclamation.
Fracknoodles! I locked my keys in my car!
by Almalphia September 23, 2010
The act of a woman waking someone up by hanging her large pendulous breasts over their face and swinging them back and forth across their face to wake them up.
I was sleeping and my wife gave me the wobbleknocker alarm clock this morning...I knew it was gonna be a great day!
by Almalphia September 27, 2010
when you have someone place both testicles in their mouth with some sort of liquid like water or juice and gargle giving you a wet vibration. Best done with smaller testicles, larger mouth and no hair.
Man I would love to have my girl gumball gargle for me...good good good good vibrations!
by Almalphia September 28, 2010

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