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1 definition by Allie789

a word to describe a scene of people who listen to angsty, hormonal music centred around depression and hate. Relief and a sense of belonging is captured in listening to such music. Identified by wearing band tops(or if that's too unhip, vintage tops)usually brown or black. But extremists can wear v.bright clothes, simply patterend though, none of the hippy hysteria.yellow nail varnish is popular, and bows on heads. They often have either v dark hair(dyed).Cartoon drawing is common, and an obsession with Gerard Way.They hardly ever smile, because they have misguided conception that that brings out artiness and mysteriousness in them.However, on the bright side they are often very imaganitive and always anti-prejudice people.
emo music:taking back sunday, my chemical romance, misfits.
by Allie789 January 04, 2006