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Unlike the typical hangover where you wake up sick and feeling like shit, the delayed hangover is a tricky little bitch.

This is the phenomenon that occurs when you have spent the evening drinking to excess. You go to bed drunk. You wake up feeling fine! You go about your normal routine- eating, drinking coffee and such. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the hangover that you smugly thought you had escaped materializes. This is HOURS after you woke up. What. The. Hell.

Synonymn: Creeper Hangover.
Last night I got so drunk! I woke up feeling awesome so I decided to go see my parents, only to be ambushed with the dreaded delayed hangover. I spent alot of time in the bathroom and trying not to pass out. I played it off to my parents that I ate something bad.
by All4Us December 29, 2008
Word used to describe the repeated shits that you get the day after an evening of drinking to excess.

Stands for: Day After Drinking Shits

May also come with a delayed hangover or could creep upon you later in the day as delayed DADS.

Joe: "Hey Casey? Wanna come out boating with us?"

Casey: "No, I better not. I drank an ass load of all kinds of stuff last night, and I don't want to keep docking to run to the restroom. I've the DADS really bad dude."
by all4us August 19, 2009
(n) A friend that a friend of yours always talks about, but you never actually get to see them in real life.

In many cases your friend will have pictures of themselves with the loch ness friend. Others will have reported seeing the loch ness friend at various locations.

Your friend will arrange for drinks or dinner with the loch ness friend, and the loch ness friend will never show.
Yeah, Scott invited Missy to our housewarming party and several other events and each time she has not shown. I STILL haven't met her. She is the loch ness friend.
by All4Us December 12, 2008
(n) A zit that appears on the skin of a person before a special occasion such as family gatherings, professional photo ops, parties, extravaganzas, dates, and holidays.
Example: I have been so excited to finally go on a date with Russell. Not suprisingly the day before our date I got a special occasion zit.

Example: Tomorrow is our family reunion! I will get to see people I haven't seen in years! Some people are coming that I haven't even met. I hope I don't get a special occasion zit.
by All4Us January 03, 2009
Word used to describe getting the DADS wayyyy late in the day... after you thought you had escaped the dreaded "Day After Drinking Shits".
Casey: "Gah Tricia, I've got the DADS like, major."

Tricia: (smugly) "Really? I'm fine."

Tricia: (9:00 PM) "Damn! I've got the DELAYED DADS!"

Casey: *snickers a little*
by all4us August 19, 2009
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