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tired with being gay
oh, i'm so tired of being gay

this gay stuff just tires me out. i'm bushed
by All American March 16, 2004
noun: bored with one's gayness, lack of interest or concern with one's mincing ability.
hey girl, all this homoapathy is giving me gay fatigue.

homoapathy may increase the desire for janets
by All American March 16, 2004
american breasts, shown at peak viewing hours.
get yer janets out for the lads!
look at the janets on that!
by All American March 12, 2004
noun: a woman or man in possession of munter genes who spends as much of their time checking out FAQ listings.

noun: an ugly web site production manager with responsibilities for editing articles.
girl, you are SUCH a faq hag!

this web site kicks ass, thanks to that faq hag

jeez, i wish i was a faq hag
by All American March 16, 2004

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