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to be cocky (especially when concerning one's genitals.)

to be overtly flirtatious with numerous people at the same time.
Look at that pimpdaddy he is _SOOOO_ iodizedsalt!
by alicia August 14, 2004
-Someone that is the carlo to LOX
-a true romantic
-a good friend
-madd skilz at needlepoint

by alicia July 14, 2004
A fun-loving person.
one who smokes a lot of pot
a boy who is secretly adored by millions
the female verson of koley_bear when looking in reguards to videogames etc

v. to smoke pot
GIRL 1 "I made a new best friend today.."
GIRL 2 "Oh really? who...?"
GIRL 1 "Oh just...neverdeadneveralive"
GIRL 2 *secretly angry because of secret crush* "Oh...That's cool..."
by alicia July 14, 2004
the hottest Alicia ever kown to man kind
the example is myself, I am the one and only
by Alicia March 02, 2005
A really scary band with scary masks but their music still rocks.
"Slipknot rocks my sox off all the way to the laundry mat."
by Alicia March 06, 2005
also see definition nyahx3
origins: oc...not "the oc"

-a lover of bunnies
-all around kind human being
-one having a sexy backside
-fun and childish (in a positive light)
"Megan started a campain to save the bunnies today, that is SOOOooOOo nyah_nyah_nyah."
by alicia July 14, 2004
An unfortunate looking creature most often found with a foot in their mouth and pickle inserted in rectum. This creature lacks intelligence and morals. You may spot this creature attempting to fit in at punk shows, masking their hidious body with overpriced clothing, or belittling others in order to make themselves feel less than the scum of the earth.
Jenno is an oolibitchhoerrificcuttisious
by alicia November 20, 2003

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