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5 definitions by Alfredo1982

someone who does not aprove the life style of those who call themselves or are refered to as players (or playas).

a playa hater is often narrow-minded and judgemental.
damn! Those playa haters stay away from us like we gown kill'em or something.
by Alfredo1982 April 24, 2007
Etymology: (White + nigga = wigga)
White person who emulates the attitudes, speech, dressing style, or other features characterizing the gangsta, thug, ghetto, etc. culture, and therefore looks fake and often foolish or even offensive
A: Jeff is such a wigga.
B: I already told him that his attitude might cause him to get jumped.

Jamie Kennedy played a wigga in the movie "Malibu's most wanted"
by Alfredo1982 November 04, 2006
1. a male-sounding word for "girly"
2. a man who despite being heterosexual, acts like a gay
3. a man who has all the features of a homosexual except that he doesn't like other men
4. a man who has forgotten how wonderful it is not to have to spend hours in front of the mirror, use 20 different hair products, go to a salon, and any other girly habit
Confused girl: I'd like to date a metrosexual
Old-school guy: Why? Are you tired of real men?
by Alfredo1982 November 04, 2006
adverb. smoothly, in an appealing way that seems natural and not forced.
"...While I do what I do best; you ain't even impressed no more, you used to it; flows too wet..." from "Business"'s lyrics by Eminem
by Alfredo1982 September 10, 2006
Sexual organ of a married woman often wrongfully referred as "pussy"
I haven't had pussy in seven years! I've had vagina. I hate vagina! I came out of a vagina; and as soon as I got out, I said: "man, I have to get me some pussy!" (...) married women don't have pussies; married women have vaginas. –
Chris Rock's words about the fact that nothing gets you ready for marriage
by Alfredo1982 September 11, 2006