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The second that you see and meet the person, and be friends you are instantly in love. Head over heels, can't stop thinking about them, want to be with them, hold them hug them, & be held and hugged and loved by them in return.
In an instant I was friendstruck with her and couldn't get her out of my mind.

In an instant I was friendstruck with him and couldn't get him out of my mind.
by AlexDictionary October 24, 2010
Also "HxO" Hyper Hangover is when you really hyper from drinking energy drinks or something with a lot of sugar-When you really get so much hyper and makes you do things that you would not to (stupid things), and then you will regret in the tomorrow.
Dude, I got hyper hangover yesterday and I made some stupid things yesterday.

Boy1: I got HxO, and it was not fun.
Boy2: Thats what you get for drinking a lot of Monsters
by AlexDictionary October 22, 2010
A.G.D Means A Ganja Day. A Person who is high all day without stopping.
Dude I got A.G.D and it was awesome
by AlexDictionary October 06, 2010
IHMS! Means "I Hate My School" People who hate school.
Hey, IHMS dude.
by AlexDictionary October 20, 2010

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